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Fred Klein ffk@fredkleinastro.com

I spent a year trying to capture an image of the full moon. You will see below some of my attempts or nights when the sky did not cooperate.
But first, the successful version.

Full Moon November 2005
1000x1000 pixels
Full Moon November 2005
4000x5000 pixels

This image was captured from my driveway in Monroeville.
I used my Celestron 11 inch SCT at prime focus (2800 mm focal length).
It was mounted on my CGE mount. The image was captured with my former
Canon Digital Rebal camera. It took six images that were stitched together
to produce the final image. Each exposure was 1/800 second.
The exposure was low to avoid saturation in the brightest areas.
I took three of each subimage and selected the best.

The previous July I thought I had got my image. The full moon
was in the morning so I went out the night before. However,
I miscalculated and went out a day earlier.
It was only after assembling the image, that I looked at it
and realized that the moon was not yet full.

Almost Full Moon

This is another one that was not quite full. It is different
because I used the C11 with the f6.3 focal reducer so the entire
moon fit into the picture. In this case, even though I used the
histogram on the camera to check the exposure, it was still a bit
overexposed, because the histogram only shows the combined color,
not the individual channels. I sharpened this image a little more, also.
Another Almost Full Moon

Here are some of the cloudy nights snaps that I took while waiting for the full moon picture.

Cloudy Moon 1
Cloudy Moon 2
Cloudy Moon 3
Cloudy Moon 4
Cloudy Moon 5 (the next morning)
Cloudy Moon 6 - not full, but nice
Cloudy Moon 7 - This one includes Mars
Cloudy Moon 8 - Moon Rising
This one was clear, but I was in Mexico

Crescent Moons

Crescent Moon 1
Crescent Moon 2 - Through trees showing diffraction patterns
Crescent Moon 3 - and Venus
Crescent Moon 4 - and Venus again
Crescent Moon 5
Other Moon images and close-ups

First Quarter Moon - One of my first efforts
First Quarter - again
First Quarter Moon - again
Close Up of Copernicus crater
Close up around Tycho crater
Tycho closer
Close Up using 2x barlow
Moon over Carnegie Science Center - Just before an AAAP meeting
Moon after Full
First Quarter Moon - again
Gibbous Moon - Stitched from 2 images
Gibbous Moon - Same as previous, but processed brighter
Moon from N.C. on Thanksgiving