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Markarian Chain of Galaxies

Click on the image for a higher resolution.

Instrument : TMB 105mm, 650mm fl Apo Refractor
Televue 0.8x flattener
CGE Mount

Camera : Canon 20Da DSLR

Exposure : About 40 30-second images

Location : ORAS astronomy club site near Oil City, PA

Date : Memorial Day, 2006

Other : I took this picture on a wonderfully transparent night (but dewy). I took several images in the Virgo-Coma area. This one I aimed at the galaxy NGC 4435 and thought I would get several other galaxies. I did not know then that this is called the Markarian Chain. I had not taken a picture like this before and did not know what to expect.
I count about 48 galaxies in the original image.
At the top, left of center is the elliptical galaxy M84 and below it is M86.
On the right is M87. NGC 4435 is the rightmost of the two galaxies just left of center. These two galaxies are called "The Eyes".
North is at 8 O'Clock.
First Place award in AAAP photography contest, 2006.