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Cerro Tololo Observatory Album

A visit to Cerro Tololo Observatory (CTIO) and the 4m Victor M. Blanco Telescope. The site hosts a number of smaller telescopes. We also visited the support facility in La Serena.
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CTIO Poster

La Serena from CTIO

Support Workshop

Support Workshop 2

Support Workshop 3

Support Workshop 4

Gemini Telescope Support Building

Gemini Telescope Waste Bin

Grape Vines



Entrance to CTIO Road

Saguaro Cactus

Road to CTIO

Road to CTIO 2

Road to CTIO 3

Road to CTIO 4

Cactus Flower

Flower 2


SOAR and Gemini 2

SOAR and Gemini Telescopes

Our Group

View of CTIO

CTIO Overview

CTIO Telescopes

Blanco Telescope

or Bust

To Blanco Telescope

Blanco Telescope Overview

Blanco Telescope 2

Mirror Cell


Flat Field Target

CTIO Control Room


Webcam Photo

Us on web

View from CTIO 2

View from CTIO